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Relationship Segment

Join Dr. Joyce as she helps you to release your fears, recognizing that you ARE your brother's keeper and you ARE your sister's keeper. She helps you to accept the fact that your ability to help others to recognize their inner freedom and inner peace is predicated on their willingness to work tirelessly to take a stand in order to return their communities to a place of love, hope, faith, and compassion, instead of fear, despair, anguish, and hopelessness. Dr. Joyce helps you to recognize that you have a choice in your life situation by using your voice, getting past seeing yourself as a snitch and not being afraid to make your pitch for truth and righteousness! She also helps you to see the power of your VOTE, along with the power of your VOICE! Don’t forget to read Dr. Joyce’s blog entitled, “Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right: Either You Stand for Something or You Will Fall for ANYTHING!”
Dr. Joyce Morley  
When: August 7, 2916  6:30am EDT
Where: Atlanta’s Kiss 104.1-FM
Cost: $0.00
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