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Great job on the Unfaithful show on OWN today!!! You were terrific! Rhonda
Little Rock, AR

I heard the segement this morning with Twanda Black and was truly amazed that there was someone else in this city that speaks out about terrible service. I agree that we some of us have become complacent with the services in our neighborhood. We get outside and talk about, but we fail to make it know where it counts. My husband and I continually get horrible looks from people when we complain to managers; it's almost likme they are saying to us,"you speak for yourself, we are OK." My husband favorite quote to all is ,"what you tolorate will become the norm."
College Park, GA

Dr. Joyce, Justin Berry, Dell helpdesk support agent 9/19/2005 I just would like to thank you so much for sharing the anointing with me. You really touched my spirit and have given me to move even further towards the goal of pastoral ship. I have been Preaching his word for 5years now and this is all I wanted growing up. thank you for rekindling my fire with God and may he continue to bless you and I hope that I see you soon God willing... THE ONE AND ONLY: JUSTIN J. BERRY
J.B., Computer Tech
cheasapeake, VA

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