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Your words of wisdom have made a huge difference in my life and I thank God for the blessing. After focusing on the needs and desires of my family for so many years, I finally decided to do something for myself - something you always encourage your llsteners to do. I started college over thirty-three years ago and never finished until just a few days ago; I finally earned my college degree! I feel rejuvenated and empowered. You have often said that it is never too late in life to make the desires of your heart come to past- keep the faith and never give up. As a result of listening to you on the Tawanda Black show, I never gave up. I'd like to encourage others to do the same. If you are looking for any volunteers to assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. It would be my honor to be of service. Thank you and my God continue to protect and guide you.
L.F., Financial Advisor
Atlanta, GA

Dr. Joyce, how can I ever stop thanking you soooo very much for agreeing to work with me way back in 1993 (18 years ago). Thank you for sincerely saving my life, as I was definitely in a downward spiral heading towards self destruction! Oh, I know all too well how it feels to be in a deep dark place and convincing yourself that your best option and easiest option is to give up and check out! It is so apparent that God sent you to use all of your God-given talents, abilities, capabilties, resources, intelligence, love, support, etc. to help me and many others. I admit that I often questioned why you cared so much about what happened to me with all of my issues, repeat failures, many many poor choices, dumb decisions, self hate, lack of self love, and the way I devalued my own life. You have been that angel that watched over me and I am confident that only through your love for God and your strong faith in His healing power did you pray for me and hang in there with me to help me unpack my heavy baggage! I am more appreciative than words could ever express! Thank God man isn't in control or you would have thrown in the towel on me early on. And I would have stopped growing and ended my interaction with Dr. Joyce at the advice of haters in my family and circle, who said I didn't need therapy. Thank you Father for sending Dr. Joyce my way. Please continue to bless and protect her and her family in all of their future endeavors and as they do Your will. In Jesus' name, Amen! Peace and Love, RG
Smyrna, GA

I hear you on Sunday Mornings on Kiss104.1; I'm glad to know of you! I just wanted to let you know that you have touch me and my life and I THANK YOU! You have a great gift from GOD; and again I THANK YOU for your words and the uplift you give me. It have help me to be a better husband, father, and man and I'm 61 years young and loving you, every time I hear you. With the love of GOD in me.......THANK YOU!
Atlanta, GA

Dr. Joyce just wanted to let you know that the work you are doing is amazing, I try to follow you via radio and I have visited and read your web pages and you re doing some great work. I love it and hopefully one day I can be moving into that same direction. Again thanks for reaching out to to my son and I , we Love you, I Love you, all I can say is AWESOME To God Be The Glory for the things He has done.
Chicago, IL

Truth is so liberating and it does allow you to be the authentic you. I listened to your show this morning on the radio and I began to shout... My God what a word for this first Sunday in Aug of 2010
Atlanta, GA

I really enjoyed seeds of harvest a lot of things the book suggested I already do I expected a little more from the book but, I still enjoyed it. The homework assignments were good for me.
Atlanta, GA

I had the opportunity to listen to Doctor Joyce on the radio and I was very impressed. I would like to know if she offers relationship seminars and If she has a schedule available.

Atlanta, GA

Dr. Joyce,
Thanks for being you. I always feel more calm after a conversation with you. You have a skill set that is a gift from God. I appreciate you and all that u have done for me and my family and for being the ultimate professional. Can u come and live with us all of the time? (Smile)

Atlanta, Ga

Dr. Joyce,
You are such a special soul! I remember the first time I met you while we were waiting to do our tapings for "Focus on Atlanta" at the UPN studio. I was so upset with the event that had just occurred and you were so calming to me telling me that I can do it. You believed in me when I didn't think I could do it and you didn't even know me. You were sincerely interested in me and how you could help. This is such a rare quality in the world today that people even care. After that day, we decided to feature you as GalZ Magazine's Summer GalZ Gal and what a wonderful feature you made. You are such an inspirational, empowering and spiritual woman. Everything that GalZ stands for you exemplify. I don't believe in coincidences and I know that God had our paths cross for a reason. I want to thank you for the wonderful column that you write in GalZ, "WordZ from Dr. Joyce". The insight that you share is invaluable and our readers (of course we do too)love and appreciate your words.

Dr. Joyce. congratulations on your new radio show! I am thrilled that you now will be able to reach so many more souls. Thank you for being you!
Yvonne Goldman, Publisher, GalZ Magazine
Flowery Branch, Ga

Hello Dr. Joyce,

I don't know if you remember coaching and counseling me during the African American Center for Creative Leadership Training, May, 2005. I am reflecting on how blessed I have been over 2005/2006 and you crossed my mind. You were instrumental in me making the leap into my future. I am compelled to share with you some of the changes that have happened in my life since we connected. EVERYTHING!

I have a new job, moved into a new neighborhood, have added many mentors to my network, have a new church and have found my VOICE; I thrown away the box and seeking all GOD has for me! I'm no longer afraid or timid about what I feel I desire and have made plans to reach the goals GOD has revealed to me. I have conquered my deepest fear of...greatness! Thank you for your wisdom, godly counsel and support. My family and I have moved to the next level; and am excited about what is to manifest.

I'd love to connect with you 1:1 to hear more about the great things GOD's done in your life as well.

Merry Christmas and have a Blessed and Properous New Year!

Franklin Park, NJ

Dr. Joyce, Justin Berry, Dell helpdesk support agent 9/19/2005 I just would like to thank you so much for sharing the anointing with me. You really touched my spirit and have given me to move even further towards the goal of pastoral ship. I have been Preaching his word for 5years now and this is all I wanted growing up. thank you for rekindling my fire with God and may he continue to bless you and I hope that I see you soon God willing... THE ONE AND ONLY: JUSTIN J. BERRY
J.B., Computer Tech
cheasapeake, VA


Doctor Joyce is simply incredible! Each and every time I visit with her for coaching and consulting services about my business, I am in awe. I recently branched out into my own private medical practice, and have since contracted with Dr. Joyce to help me with solidifying my business plan and with marketing and developing my business. The outcomes have been astounding already! I have renewed confidence as well. I am so happy that I met with Dr. Joyce, and would recommend her without hesitation for business consultation services! Love ya Dr. Joyce!!
Pam Johnson, Physician
Lilburn, GA

Thank you Dr. Ball for all your guidance and support. You truly are an inspiration and I am glad I had an opportunity to talk with you. Take Care, AH
A.H., School Counseling
Loganville, Ga

Dr. Joyce, I must say, you really did acknowledge me in a special way during the "The Love and Relationships Show" this past Sunday (I will not forget that ever!). I had an opportunity to listen to the entire show and I thought it was very educational. You are truly a gifted woman that has paid her dues and I commend you on your accomplishments as well as your success. I don't know what purpose the "MAN" above has placed us in each other paths, but I can only imagine it's for a powerful purpose. I really didn't get an opportunity to explain what it is I am accomplishing, attached to this email is information about me and a powerful assignment from God. In addition, in an effort to increase exposure of C.P. Plasma Center, Inc. within the metro Atlanta community, I have been selected as Chairman of the Health & Fitness Committee for the Sweet Auburn Spring Festival 2003. For more information you can review the website at The CO Group has done a wonderful job on your website!! You have a very nice picture on you website and a pretty smile. I will stop by Doc's Wings & Mo to get a brotha grub on. Until then, you take care of yourself and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest opportunity. Humbled By His Grace!!! C.P. Plasma Center, Inc. Furquan R. Stafford, Sr. Founder, Chairman & CEO
Furquan Stafford, Sr., Founder, Chairman & CEO
Duluth, GA

You have great insight, but even more, you have a great spirit that is truly contagious. Those of us who are after the truth run to those spreading it!
Atlanta, Ga

Thank you so much for your belief in me and your advice and help. I thank God for sending me to you. I do not believe I would be where I am today without your help and encouragement. Thank you.
Atlanta, Ga

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