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Publications & Media
Stay tuned!!!

Coming January 2008!


Stay tuned!!!

Dr. Joyce Morley Featured in Galz Magazine

Galz Magazine is a new women’s magazine in Atlanta for women, about women, and by women.  Dr. Joyce is featured on the cover of the Summer issue (available on newsstands now!) with a featured article entitled, “Releasing Resentment, Believing in Love”.  GalZ’s extremely talented and experienced editor, Marsha Pelzer, wrote the article.  Also included in the summer issue of GalZ magazine is Dr. Joyce's article entitled “Realities of Adoption”, as well as her new, regular column, “WordZ from Dr. Joyce”.


GalZ’s publisher, Yvonne Goldman shares her personal connection to the article.  She is a wonderful, passionate, and inspiring individual, who is completely dedicated to the enhancement and advancement of all women.  Yvonne makes every effort to ensure that each and every article in GalZ magazine is indicative of her passion for women to gain and utilize knowledge about themselves and the world.


Please support GalZ magazine by picking up your copy of  the summer issue.  If you are not in the Atlanta area, visit GalZ magazine at to get your copy of the Summer issue.  You can even subscribe right on the website!  Trust me - you won’t be disappointed!

Seeds for the Harvest of A Lifetime was written as a guide to help you, the reader, gain greater awareness, insight, and understanding into the negative and positive factors that impact your life situations. Through guided self-exploration, self-examination, and self-assessment, this book will help you to appreciate and profit from your experiences, as well as broaden your world view. Seeds for the Harvest of A Lifetime will take you on a journey toward discovering or rediscovering your inner self, teaching you how to experience self-love, self-freedom, and overall self–fulfillment, enabling you to freely and genuinely love others.

Each chapter of Seeds for the Harvest of A Lifetime contains powerful information (seeds) for you to utilize along your journey of continuous positive self-development, self-growth, and relationship development (harvest).  You will be able to utilize this book as a self-help guide for gaining greater understanding of the life events of your past, which will allow you to fully live in the present, and therefore prepare you for a future, without inhibitions or limitations.

Homework assignments, related biblical verses, and affirmations are included in this book, so that readers of any and all backgrounds can establish connections with the text. If you are reading this book, you’re in for a real treat—probably one of the most bountiful harvests of your lifetime!

People Are Talking...

Seeds for the Harvest of A Lifetime has helped me wrap my arms around my past experiences, and led me to a more complete respect for the man that I have become.  This book didn't change my world view; instead, it brought to life the colors that I see.  And, in seeing more clearly I feel greater love for myself and for others. This benefits my kids, my wife and all that I cherish.  Thank you, Dr. Joyce!”

– Darryl L. Mobley, Publisher
Family Digest Magazine

“Dr. Joyce Morley's 'can-do' ebullience provides sustenance and encouragement for psychological and spiritual growth to all who encounter her.  Her new book promises to provide its readers with strategic pathways for improving one's self-esteem and relationships with others.  It is a must-read!”

– Dr. Frederick C. Jefferson, Jr.
Professor Emeritus
Warner School, University of Rochester

“Thank you Dr. Joyce for your words of wisdom  and direction!  Life is unpredictable yet God is most dependable!  The excitement comes not only with the difference we make within others but the difference that is made within you!”

– Porsche Foxx
Atlanta Radio Personality

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