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Seminars & Workshops

Morley & Associates, Inc. offers a wide and growing range of seminars and workshops, designed and customized to meet the needs of your group, organization or business.  All presentations are dynamic, motivational, goal-oriented, and highly interactive! Click on a seminar or workshop to learn more. (Note:  All seminars and workshops are a minimum of two hours in length.)

Active Listening Preparation Workshop for the State Exam In School Counseling
Dealing With Difficult Customers Profiting on Performance
Developing Excellent Consulting Skills Recognizing and Accepting Diversity
Effective Customer Service The Role of the Educator in the World of Troubled Youth: Helping Kids Cope
Effective Team Building Time Management
Inside Out:  A Motivational, Interactive Program Transitions in the Workplace
Positive Outcomes in the Workplace Through Effective Communication   Understanding & Building Positive Relationships
Practicing Effective Leadership .

Inside Out:  A Motivational, Interactive Program (MIP)

"Inside Out:  A Motivational, Interactive Program" (MIP) is a comprehensive and holistic approach, developed in an effort to help combat the many life challenges often faced by our youth.

The MIP Program covers thirteen topic areas that research has shown to be critical to the overall development of children.   The importance of self-knowledge is evident throughout the program.   Topic areas include participants engaging in self-exploration from many perspectives.  Participants will have an opportunity to actively discover effective methods of dealing with peer pressure, managing conflict, stress and other emotions.  Participants will learn the essence of responsibility, along with the process of effective decision-making and goal-setting.  Although self-esteem activities will be implemented throughout the program, participants will engage in two, three-hour sessions focusing solely on self-esteem building activities.

The MIP Program is delivered to small group (10-15) in two-hour sessions, twice a month.  The program culminates with a weekend experience entitled, "A Weekend Exploration:  The Odyssey Continues."

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